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We released our brown hoodie on the 6th February 2022 which turned out to be our best seller to date, so we thought we'd show you behind the scenes of the photoshoot. 

The shoot took place at a studio apartment in London with a rooftop and balcony. Before the photoshoot in the studio we shot video content in the streets below for our social media.


The rooftop and balcony allowed us to capture the streets of London whilst maintaining focus on the hoodie. Our inspiration for the shoot was to merge a clean image with an urban style, reflecting us as a brand. 

Having the hoodie modeled by both male and female allows our customers to gain two perspectives on the fit and style of the hoodie. We also wanted to show that this product is unisex as our previous collections have been predominantly targeted at the male customer.   

For those who managed to cop we hope you enjoyed your product. For those who missed out we are looking to restock the brown 'stack' hoodie in the near future. Keep up to date on our social media to find out when we drop. 

Instagram: @iwc.thelabel 

TikTok: @iwcthelabel


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