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IWC Bandana Denim Jeans

The Inspiration for our Bandana Denim collection (Black Bandana Jeans and Blue Bandana Jeans) came from our previous range of 1 of 1 denim jeans.

We felt as if there was a gap in the market for bandana jeans at an affordable price. This gave us the opportunity to create a pair of ripped jeans with bandana patch work, distressed with white paint splatter for our first collection. The complementation of paint splatter with bandana makes these jeans the centre piece of your outfit.

All rips, distress and paint splatter are done by hand, so each pair of our black bandana jeans are unique, sticking to our history of 1 of 1 denim.
Whilst specialising in denim jeans, we learnt that having the right fit is one of the most important aspects. This led us to spend more time perfecting the tapered fit and stacked ankle effect of IWC denim jeans.

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